From Clarence's Diary - Wed Dec 4th 1889 - depart Bordighera

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Clarence Bicknell: Italy and by steamer up the Nile River, 1889-1890

Over Christmas and into January, I propose to post, every few days, excerpts from Clarence Bicknell's “Notes of a Tour in Italy, Egypt &c. 1889-1890” in a hand-written notebook illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings and water-colours from the Bicknell family collection (in my possession). This is the first time this diary has been transcribed or see in public.

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Wed. Dec 4th

Our party is composed of A, B, C & D.

A is an artist and able-bodied sea-woman, prepared to nurse the other 3 landlubbers if necessary, on the water. B is her sister provided with all the requisites for nursing A C and D on land. C & D are proprietors in Italy, travelling for the benefit of their health under the care of he aforementioned A & B. Lastly C is myself who wrote this diary.

On Wed. Dec. 4th 1889 they all started from Bordighera at midday, an international crowd having gathered at the station platform to see them off. How they travelled to Genoa in the sunshine, & thence to Bologna by night in the snow, & thence to Ancona in the early morning in the rain need not be related in detail. They went 2nd class, had the carriages nearly always to themselves & reached Ancona at 8 a.m on Dec. 5th.


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