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Between 2015 and 2018 there will be two ongoing research initiatives, the EU-funded Clarence Bicknell 2018 Research Project involving 6 institutes from 4 European countries and the work of Clarence Bicknell's biographer Valerie Browne Lester aided by members of the Clarence Bicknell Association including Susie and Marcus Bicknell, Helen Blanc-Francard, Christopher Chippindale and Graham Avery. If you have any source material on any of the topics covered on this web site or relating to Clarence's life, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via In particular, we have doubts or need for further source material on the following details:

1) Clarence's education, including in Brighton like his brothers, before Trinity College Cambridge. Which school or which tutor?

2) At Cambridge Clarence Bicknell fell under the influence of religious thinkers including those in the Oxford Movement. Who were they? With which of them was he in contact?

3) At Walworth and thereafter in Stoke-upon-Tern as a curate, Clarence Bicknell was active in the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit (Societas Sancti Spiritus) with Rowland Corbett and others. What can you tell us about this order, their beliefs and their influence?

4) Among those at Stoke-upon-Tern, and in Bordighera shortly therafter, were the following individuals. Do you have a diary by one of them or any source material which can shed liight on their beliefs and their relationship with Clarence Bicknell?

Rev Hubert George Morse (Clergy House, Walworth)
Rev Frederick William Puller (Clergy House, Walworth)
Rev John Going, Pastor of St Pauls Walworth
Rev Luke Rivington
Rev Rowland William Corbet (1839-1919), Walworth, “Oxford Movement”, founder of the Societas Sancti Spiritus (Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit)
Richard Meux Benson, founder with Corbet of the Giovanni Battista Society of Oxford
Rev Charles Egerton Fiennes Stafford at Stoke on Tern.
William Ding, Lichfield
Rev Percival Clementi-Smith, member of Societas Sancti Spiritus (Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit) and visited other churches with Clarence in 1874
Rev Arthur Heintz Paine
Mrs Russell Gurney (Lord Mount Temple)
George MacDonald (Lord Mount Temple), Scottish writer living in Bordighera

5) What was the extent of Clarence Bicknell's inheritance from his rich father Elhanan, how did he invest it, and can it really have lasted him all his life including investment in hostels for the poor in Walworth, Stoke-upon-Tern and Bordighera, the Museo Bicknell, the library and the Casa Fontanalba?

6) Who was Alice Campbell? Enzo Bernardini in 1971 and others refer to Clarence Bicknell's close friend Alice Campbell at his deathbed and buried alongside him at Tende. We have no trace of any original source material to this effect. Help us please./

7) Another myth might be that Clarence Bicknell died of mushroom poisoning. True or false? What source material, in an academic sense, can you provide?

8) Some considered him influential in the early days of the Esperanto movement and he participated in the Universal Congresses of Boulogne, Barcelona and Cambridge. Was he a leader with a role, or an ardent follower?

If you have source material please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Valerie Lester via


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