NEWS - Discovery of Clarence's brother's archive

Written by Marcus Bicknell on .

We are pleased to inform researchers and others interested in Clarence Bicknell that we have been made aware of a significant archive created by Algernon Sidney Bicknell (1832-1911), one of Clarence's elder brothers.algernon sidney bicknell

These papers of Algernon Sidney Bicknell are deposited at the East Sussex Record Office at The Keep, Brighton under the reference ACC 8490. The core of the archive is two hand-written bound volumes of Algernon Sidney's autobiography. They were uncovered and partly transcribed recently by researcher and writer Martyn Webster of Brighton Sussex whom we thank. His interest has been the village of Barcombe, near Lewes, East Sussex, and he found that Algernon Sidney lived for many years in an imposing mansion there, Barcombe House. He wrote three articles for the Sussex Family Historian under the title The Bicknells of Barcombe and alerted us to the find in September 2015.

Valerie Browne Lester, working hard on researching and writing the first biography of Clarence Bicknell, and I went to The Keep on 18th December 2015 for a day's work. We scanned and transcribed further material not covered by Mr Webster. Our interest of course was the light the archive sheds on Clarence's early life, especially the way in which the elder siblings treat the 13th and last of the children... Clarence was 10 years younger than Algernon Sidney. It is fair to say that Valerie and I were otherwise disappointed with our day because we could find no evidence that Clarence went to the same school in Brighton as Algernon Sidney, Dr Laing's School at 10 (later 11) Sussex Square. Algernon Sidney hardly mentions Clarence in his autobiography all, such was, at best, the difference in age or, at worst, his disdain for Clarence. When Clarence visits him, Algernon Sidney complains that the visits are not more frequent but he makes no effort to visit him in Bordighera... in fact he travels to Bordighera 1907, does not look Clarence up and criticises the place bitterly. Elsewhere in the writings, Algernon Sidney criticises Clarence's role in the church, then criticises him for leaving it and finishes by damning him for doing nothing in his life but "hunt for local wild flowers". But the joys of Clarence's family and their impact on him must wait until Valerie publishes the biography which will be out well in time for the 2018 centenary of Clarence's death.

The Bicknell family collection, which I presently look after, contains two sizeable hand-written works by Algernon Sidney Bicknell. The first is his notes for Excerpta Biconyllea ("A Forgotten Chancellor and a Forgotten Knight. Notes for a history of the Somersetshire family of Biconylle"), 1895 revised 1900, his published history of the Bicknell family, some essential elements of which have since proved to be untrue (see The second is his notes for a second volume of Excerpta Biconyllea which, some might say luckily, never got pubished.

I complied the three articles, including his excerpts, by Martyn Webster into one, edited and illustrated it, with his permission, on 19th December 2015 and you can download it here (13 pages in pdf).

Update 2 January 2016. In the 10 days since this posting has been online here, 56 people have downloaded the Martyn Webster document. We're delighted with the interest.

Those excerpts transcribed by Valerie and me are also available for download here (18 pages in pdf)


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