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moggridge brothersIn researching the life of Clarence Bicknell we see the references to Moggridge the archaeologist and Moggridge the botanist, both relevant to Bicknell’s interests. Graham Avery and Marcus Bicknell aided Valerie Browne Lester, Bicknell’s biographer, in recording the salient facts about the two experts. This note gives the findings and records available genealogical information.

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There were two relevant Moggridges, who are easily confused:

Father. Matthew Moggridge (1803-82): archaeologist. His paper entitled The Meraviglie was presented to The International Congress of Prehistoric Archaeology whose Third Session opened in Norwich on 20 August 1868 and closed in London on 28 August; the papers were published in London in 1869. The title of the author is given as ‘M. Moggridge Esq. F.G.S. [Fellow of the Geological Society of London] (Member of the Italian Alpine Club)’. In the first sentence he mentions that he had been in the Meraviglie region ‘for the previous six winters’.  Moggridge’s work on these rock engravings pre-dated, and informed, Bicknell’s work  . Matthew was father of J. T. Moggridge, whom he accompanied to Mentone.

moggridge drawingSon. John Traherne Moggridge (1842-1874): an entomologist, botanist and botanical artist, son of M. Moggridge. He wintered in Mentone, and his Flora of Menton published in 1864 was mentioned by Clarence in the Preface of his book Flowering plants and ferns of the Riviera in 1885. When John became too ill to collect specimens his father did so for him. The son writes   “Well-directed research in any definite direction must afford happy employment for the invalid, and tend towards the advancement of knowledge… In the first place, my father was indefatigable in procuring subjects for my pencil, his knowledge of plants and great powers of endurance making him as able a collector as ever searched jungle or climbed Alp.”

J.T. Moggridge’s work pre-dated and informed Bicknell’s botanical work. In 1885 Clarence Bicknell published a selection of his paintings in the book Flowering plants and ferns of the Riviera, splendidly illustrated with 82 coloured plates and accompanying notes on 280 species.  He explained in the Preface that he was inspired by the British botanist J.T. Moggridge who, in a Flora of Menton, a town just across the border from Bordighera, published in London in 1864, had encouraged others to follow his example in publishing illustrations of the local flora.

The photograph at the top right shows John Traherne Moggridge (left) with his younger brother Matthew Weston Moggridge in 1853. This Matthew should also not be confused with his father Matthew.

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