In Clarence's Time - postcard to Francesco Ferraironi

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Nicolas Ventugol was so kind as to send us photos of an old postcard written by Clarence Bicknell in 1913 which he had purchased at Tende. Thank you Nicolas...

ventugol triora-ferraironi-1914Graham Avery writes:  In this postcard of 1913 from Casterino, Clarence Bicknell thanks Padre Francesco Ferraironi for sending him a copy of  'La Storia del Santuario di Loreto' (The History of the Sanctuary of Loreto) and says that when he returns to Bordighera he will make a donation to help the publication of 'Cenni Storici' (Historical Notes). An internet search suggests that Francesco Ferraironi was a priest at or near the mountain village of Triora in Liguria, and later in Rome. He published a number of books on local history including in 1913 'Triora e il suo Santuario di Loreto' (Triora and its Sanctuary of Loreto) and in 1914 'Cenni storici sopra Triora' (Historical Notes on Triora).

We show the an image of the cover of the first of these two books, the one he sent to Clarence: presumably because of their mutual interest in the local history of Liguria.

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