Painting & Drawing

Although Clarence is known as a painter of botanical water colours, he painted and drew sketches all his life. The Bicknell family collection and the Museo Bicknell have many examples of architecture, landscapes and images which Clarence observed on his travels.

His watercolour of Florence, left, is dated 1885, the same year as the publication of his Flowering Plants and Ferns of the Riviera and Neighbouring Mountains from which this watercolour of Aristolchia, an insect catcher (image, right) is taken.

We are looking for an art expert to write an appreciation of Clarence’s painting and drawing for this page; in the meantime, the assessment of Susie Bicknell, an amateur water-colourist, gives a good overview of his skills. Download her paper at the following link…

Clarence Bicknell – His Art    By Susie Bicknell, 2017

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Marcus Bicknell, June 2013