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We welcome you warmly to membership of the Clarence Bicknell Association. Membership benefits will include information updates, privileged access and or admission prices to events and other advantages where we are in position to offer them. Above all, we need your support, not just for your modest financial contribution, but also for your voice.. i.e. the more members we have the more we can assure the success of the Association in its objectives.

You can pay online below, paying by PayPal (including credit or debit card), or by filling out the form on the Membership page and mailing it with a cheque in € Euros, $ Dollars or £ Pounds. If you would like to pay by standing order or bank transfer (including internet banking) please email for the Association’s bank details. We would be grateful if you would take out a standing order or use the PayPal “subscribe” option which greatly reduce the admininstration time and effort.

“Please enrol me/us as a Member/Patron of The Clarence Bicknell Association. I have indicated on my membership application form (available oin the Membership page) the membership level I would like, and I am selecting the correct membership level from the drop down menus below to make the correct poyment.”

 Fee per annum Fee for Life 
Member25 € – $25 – £ 20 500 € – $500 – £ 400
Patron100 € – $100 – £ 80 1 500 € or $ – £ 1 200 
Not for profit organisation150 € – $150 – £ 120 Not applicable 
Commercial company250 € – $250 – £ 200 Not applicable 
You can pay your fees from a card or PayPal account in any currency. Currency conversion will be done for you. Select the correct category of membership from the drop-down menus.
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