We welcome you warmly to membership of the Clarence Bicknell Association. Membership benefits will include information updates, privileged access and or admission prices to events and other advantages where we are in position to offer them. Above all, we need your support, not just for your modest financial contribution, but also for your voice.. i.e. the more members we have the more we can assure the success of the Association in its objectives.

A) You can apply online below, and if you pay by PayPal, you can credit directly, or fill out the membership form below, hit SUBMIT and see the PayPal and card payment options on the subsequent page, or

B) You can fill out the attached form and mail it with a cheque in £ Pounds. If you would like to pay by bank transfer (including internet banking) or standing order you’ll find the details on the page which appears when you have clicked on “submit”.

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Membership level you would like and the currency in which you are paying are shown in the table below. If it’s US dollars $ then use the Euro € figure or let PayPal do the conversion.

 Fee per annum Fee for Life 
Member  25 € – £ 20    500 € – £   400
Patron100 € – £ 80 1 500 € – £ 1 200 
Not-for-profit organisation150 € – £ 120 Not applicable 
Commercial company250 € – £ 200 Not applicable 

Please email us with the following information, then click here for the payment options.

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