Talk on Clarence in London on 5th October 2023

My talk on Elhanan Bicknell (Clarence’s father, whale oil tycoon and patron of many artists including J. M. W. Turner) for the Kensington and Chelsea Over-50s Forum in Chelsea on 20th April 2023 alongside Selby Wittingham of the Independent Turner Society has had a welcome result. Their Marketing & Fundraising Director Mina Nakhai has invited me to give a talk on Clarence Bicknell on October 5th 2023 at 2pm in the same venue, Holy Trinity Sloane Square.

I hope to set a number of talks and seminars during 2023 as part of the build up to the proposed 2024 Clarence Bicknell Exhibition in the Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London and in Genoa.

Marcus Bicknell, 3rd May 2023