Clarence Bicknell: A Revolution in Art. A talk in London October 5, 2-4pm


Illustrated Talk on Clarence Bicknell, the Renowned Botanic Painter by his great grand nephew Marcus Bicknell

In April 2023 Marcus Bicknell and Selby Wittingham discussed Elhanan Bicknell’s early patronage of JMW Turner and more classical artists. Now Marcus, Elhanan’s great great grandson, returns to show how Elhanan’s son Clarence moved naturally towards the more modern styles of the late 19th century, like the Arts & Crafts movement.


The artistic evolution of the late 19th century represented some of the biggest changes in the history of art. The difference between the works collected by Elhanan (Gainsborough, Constable, Etty, Landseer, Roberts, Stubbs, Huggins) and the output of his 13th child Clarence Bicknell (botanical watercolours in artist & crafts frames, illustrated whimsical writings and the extraordinary albums housed in the Fitzwilliam Museum) is a revealing example of these dramatic changes.Marcus’s entertaining presentation includes the short film made by award-winning French director Rémy Masséglia shot in 2017 on location in Stoke-on-Tern, Bordighera, Casterino and the Massif du Mercantour. There will be plentiful images of Clarence’s work, many from private collections and not seen in public, showing the evolution of his life’s work. Reproduction albums and art prints will be available on the day.

Clarence Bicknell (1842-1918) was a multifaceted British individual, celebrated not only for his expertise as a botanic painter but also for his roles as a clergyman, archaeologist, and philanthropist. His artistic flair, combined with his deep-rooted love for nature, positioned him as a prominent figure in the realm of botanical illustration during his lifetime.

Thursday, October 5 at 2 in the afternoon.
Location: Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street London SW1X 9BZ

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