Postcard from Clarence Bicknell to Emile Cartailhac, April 1911

Postcard from Clarence Bicknell to Emile Cartailhac, April 1911, in the archives of Toulouse University.

With thanks to Helen Blancfrancard for finding it and sending us the link.

Card postmarked 11th April 1911, over a green stamp of the Bordighera Esperanto Group Antauen.

Sent to Le Prof. Emile Cartailhac, 5 rue de la Chaine, Toulouse, France

« Bordighera, 9 April
Cher Monsieur
Aujourd’hui je dois partir pour l’Angleterre. Ma sœur est très malade mais j’espère de revenir chez moi à la fin du mois de juin, et monter à mon cottage a Casterino. Je vous envoie mes plus cordiales salutations.
Clarence Bicknell »        

Toulouse University 92786/2/1

The image of engravings of tools in the Mont Bego area is annotated by Clarence « Gravure au-dessus la rive droite du Vallone delle Meraviglie, figures environ 50 c. de longueur. »

Toulouse University 92786/2/1

The card is written on the same day as Clarence wrote to Paul Raymond with the same information about leaving to see his sister. The sister in question was Ada who lived in Kent and she indeed died in September of the same year, 1911.