I was interested to get an email from Selby Whittingham on Thu, 19 Aug 2021 … Subject: Edward Lear and Clarence Bicknell    Dear Marcus   I have just bought a remaindered off copy of the praised Faber paperback biography of Lear by Jenny Uglow.  (Our late friend Vivien Noakes wrote a shorter one years ago). 

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NEWS – Edward Berry conference, Bordighera, 1 June 2013. .Just back from the conference about my great grand unce Edward Elhanan Berry (1861-1931) and his wife Margaret in the Museo Clarence Bicknell, presided by Professor Dott. Daniela Gandolfi. Read more…. https://clarencebicknell.com/en/news-views/25-news-bordighera-1june2013.html https://clarencebicknell.com/en/news-views/100-ellen-willmott.html alternative paths without “en” https://clarencebicknell.com/news-views/100-ellen-willmott.html https://clarencebicknell.com/news-views/25-news-bordighera-1june2013.html

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An appreciation, by Graham Avery Clarence Bicknell’s major work was the exploration and recording of the prehistoric rock engravings in the high valleys of Fontanalba and Meraviglie. But before he discovered archaeology, his passion was botany, and it was his botanical excursions that brought him to the high valleys. We do not know when Clarence

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