Clarence helps today’s woodlands

The Clarence Bicknell Association, the Woodland Trust UK, writer Frederick Forsyth and broadcaster Clive Anderson, President of the Woodland Trust, have made a preliminary announcement of their joint campaign to raise several tens of thousands of pounds for the Woodland Trust’s objective to protect woods and trees, preventing the loss of irreplaceable habitat, nature and carbon stores for a healthier future for everyone.

1.       Frederick Forsyth and Clive Anderson each sign 100 to 200 limited-edition high-quality art prints, decorative and accurate botanical watercolours by Clarence Bicknell (1842-1918) who lived and worked in Italy
2.       Quantities under discussion; 200 prints in a first wave. Sold in sets of four or singly. Other celebrities invited to help.
3.       The prints will be offered for sale, with or without frames, at a premium price in order to optimise income to the Woodland Trust (under discussion £150 unframed, £250 framed, or £450/£800 for a set of four. 26x34cm portrait). Proceeds after direct costs (c. £39 per print and frame plus retail discount where required) go to the Woodland Trust.
4.       In cooperation with participating partners, we plan a launch event for the sale of the prints. (VIP guest list, attractive location, some art on display, seeking sponsor). Sales at events would have some priority over online sales.
5.       An exhibition of Clarence Bicknell’s work would provide additional scope to the campaign (we are in touch with The Guildhall Art Gallery, The Fitzwilliam Museum and the Society of Botanical Artists for one or more exhibitions).

If you know a celebrity who would like to participate in the fund-raising please do email with details. Thank you.

Download our pdf for more details: